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Astrology is real or fake? Before knowing this, you should know about Time. What is time? In Human vision time is Constant sequence of events which is irreversible in past and unexpected in future. Astrology feels the same. In advance astrology tries to decode the relationship between planet alignments and events in Human life. Even Astrology agrees past is irreversible. But bad events in future can be prevented by predicting them in advance. Simply Astrology is a mathematical and statistical time machine, which won’t have a physical form. The beginning and end of universe is infinite. But human life is definable. From the time of first cry human life begins. Life is chain of emotional events, right? so, the horoscope prediction is beginning from the time of child birth time. In astrologic view time is positions and alignments of planets and sun in our solar family. Simply horoscope is planets position on various zodiac sign on the given time.

If you aware about your right birth time a horoscope can be prepared for you. There were various horoscope prediction methods. Indian Vedic astrology has its own unique style. Science is agreeing gravity of moon may bring giant tidal waves and earthquake in earth. When gravity can impact giant earth surface why it can not impact the fluid in brain. Human skull is not stronger than rocks in earth. The surge in the human brain is behind various major events sequence. Still people are not trying to prove astrology to scientifically because they think its already proved. An experienced astrologer knows this, when he is studying various human horoscopes. Astrology has enough believers. Particularly, Indian Vedic Astrology has nearly One billion believers.

Astrology is not a myth. Astrology is a combination of mathematics and statistics related to planets in sky and human on earth. If you have a blasphemy mind on God and religion, Learn astrology first. You will trust God more than other persons.

God has built this universe like a spider. In web everything was connected. Disturbance in one point of cosmic web leads to multiple flaws in Cosmic harmony. Human life is not an exception for this. Aspiration and efforts in destiny prediction cannot be wrong. It is important than knowing water is available in mars or not.    

If you feel astrology is wrong when some astrologer is predicting your horoscope, the error is with astrologer knowledge. Astrologer do mistakes. But astrology never fails. Human errors are common in astrology or satellite launching. In some cases, people are saying astrology is false, because astrologer is telling more negatives. They want to hear only positive words. But after some time again they will say astrology is wrong, because those positive words are not become true. Best astrologer always predicts your past first. If it is right, they will tell your future. Otherwise, they will go for birth time rectification or you can expect a sorry from them.

I had given a mathematical equation to a person and asked him to solve it. He said sorry I am a Physics scholar. I had asked few physics question towards a mathematical scholar and he said same refusal because it is irrelevant to him. If you want to know astrology is true or false then only way is study it. You can realise astrology is already proved.

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