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According to Famous Astrologer Kamaleshwar each and every planet zodiac sign is different in nature. They hold various aspects and bestowing them to human or seize them from human. This should be counted from the Lagna of Jathaka Chakra or Horoscope.

House no 1: Known as Lagna. Holds head and Intelligence

House no 2: Known as dana Sthana. Holds Money, Family and Face

House no 3: Known as sahothara Sthana. Holds siblings

House no 4: Known as Sukha sthana. Holds Vehicle and mother

House no 5: Known as Putra sthana. Holds Kids

House no 6: Known as Sathru Sthana. Holds Disease, enemies.

House no 7: Known as Kalthra Sthana. Holds Life partner

House no 8: Known as Randhra Sthana. Holds Life span

House no 9: Known as Bhagya sthana. Holds luck.

House no 10: Known as Karma sthana. Holds stability in job or business

House no 11: Known as Labh Sthana. Holds profit.

House no 12: Known as Vyaya sthana. Holds Loss.

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