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Eradication of Misconception about Tantrik is most essential. Few gets apprehension when they hear the term Tantrik. Fiery Rituals shown in movies may be a reason behind that fear or they think Black magic and Tantrik are same. Originally Tantrik is a formula which will solve a difficult problem. Astrology and Tantrik are siblings. Astrology Understands about human destiny. Tantrik tries to change Human destiny. When Cosmic celestial bodies are writing human destiny with Torment chapters, humans are trying to overcome from that. Spiritual path is universally agreed human thought to Solve problems. Based on Astrology Destiny can be predicted but can not be changed. But Tantrik Believes human destiny can be changed and any of their wish can be full filled. But what is Tantrik?  

Before few decades people are familiar with few primordial gods like Shiva, Vishnu, Ganesh, and Durga. But the Pagan Hindu religion Holds enormous Gods name on Various Holy texts. But when their life was squeezed by economic crisis, they had started to worship various gods. Even many of those deity won’t have a single temple. These deities are Goddesses name were learned from Hindu vedas and their metamorphose was explained in many sacred texts. People Started to run behind this god and goddesses worship to shatter negativity in their life. Just like now when natural disasters and Pandemic disease were trampled ancient civilization, they tried hard to get a spiritual help. After multiple experiments and trials, they found few Rituals are helping to humans.

They found many Tantrik Deity or Cosmic Spirits are helping humans based on worship. This was the genesis of Tantrik worship. They had taught necessary rituals only to their progeny heirs. From there this knowledge was orally transmitted from generation to generation until the writing Languages were born. From there you can see various old sacred texts regarding tantrik. After texts the size of esoteric was increased but it always remained as esoteric knowledge.

Tantrik Knowledge and skills were always controlled by a small sector of people to avoid execrable Incidents. They feared few cruel people can harm humanity and society with this mysterious knowledge. This ancient Hindu priest group intention was sobriety in society should not get spoiled. But few time Tantrik was Fallen on wrong hands. Those Tantrik has given more sufferings to torment to society. You can identify their name asuras in Hindu epics. But always Tantrik was restored in right hands by cosmic energies.

Coming to the point. Ancient Hindu Rishi’s were found one Tantrik deity is able to help only on one particular desire. Each and every problem can be solved or desires can be full filled by various Tantrik deities. It was never possible from one deity. Tantrik is rejecting monotheistic belief or worshiping only few primordial gods. These each and every Best Tantrik deity should be invoked through one Particular mantra. Every deity has different Sigil, Effigy, Mudra, Herbal and power. By mastering in this one person can solve people problems or he can full fill any desire. This vast Knowledge was known as Tantra or Tantrik. I had tried to give maximum luminous on Mysterious and Obscure Tantrik Worship. If you need more clarity stay with us and read our Blog regularly.

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