Tantrik has several meanings Like Concept, Technique, Method and more. Simply Tantrik is a ritual which will provide benefit after completion for a single or multiple purposes. There are several Tantrik methods in Hindu Atharvan Veda and ancient sacred texts. Each Tantrik method will Serve a particular purpose. Based on our Goal the Tantrik Methods will differ. Always Tantrik was esoteric knowledge.  Normally to satisfy gods there are numerous methods available in Hindu Veda. Our prayers in temple is works on moderate speed. But Tantrik rituals will give results as fast as. So, people who are in a hurry to achieve some thing will prefer tantrik methods.

Tantrik include multiple kind of practices. But due to eroticism nature of human many believes sex is the main part of Tantrik. Some more people who have fear in nature trusts black magic and Tantrik is same. But Tantra begins from Maha Meru worship or Sri Yantra worship. In which many Tantrik goddesses lives like Bahalamukhi. First you have to Understood Tantrik Is Not Black magic.

As I Said above there are Numerous methods available In Tantrik Rituals. Particular Ritual will work for Particular Desire Only. Based On Customer desire Tantrik ritual Method should be get changed.

If you are having a superstition like lemons will fly in air on Tantrik rituals then it’s time to realise it can not happen. Based on the Tantrik Ritual Miracles will Happen in human life events. Miracles won’t happen on ritual. Many thinks Tantrik is purely Vamachara. Which Means a tantrik Should Have sex with more women and he has to drink more. Tantrik is Just different from regular Vaidika Rituals. Vaidika Rituals {Ganapati Homa or some other Havan} will Happen in Day. Tantrik rituals should be happened In Night. This is the main Difference. Apart From Timings the deities will be different.

Then the Effigy of Tantrik deity should be formed perfectly. Vaidika ritual prefers fire more where Tantrik Rituals prefer sound more.

Love break Up, Love Affairs, Getting Your Love back, Marriage Life Disputes, Live in relationship issues, Property disputes, Enemy Threats, Heavy Money loss are the Few main Goals or desires or Sankalpa in tantrik Rituals. Because this Kind of issue should be solved as soon as. These issues will increase human Anxiety troubles, Stress, Depression on day by day. Further these issues will push humans into psychological issues.

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