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I had mentioned in one of my articles that God has built this world like spider web. Definitely spider web is a most complex system in nature. Butterfly theory is part of mathematical chaos theory. It explains a small alteration or change can end in Great consequences. Because the system was intricated system built with more complex factors. Further it states butterfly theory as example. Means science believes, a butterfly flapping its wings may end in a Typhoon.

But astrology believes giant cosmic planets position and movement may influence human life and human mind.

If butterfly flaps it wings near by another butterfly will flap it wings. There is chances of immediate equilibrium in nature.

But impact of Planet’s gravity pull won’t become less and there is no chance of equilibrium in this.

Now people have to decide, which is superstition? and which is supernatural?

Vedanga of Vedic Astrology has given Zero to the world.

Vedanga of Vedic astrology has written earth revolution around sun is 365 days.

Invasion of Mughals pulled back the science growth in India.

Veda, Vedanga, Vedic Astrology are always right.

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