Written by: Best Astrologer in India Astrologer Kamaleshwar

According to Best Astrologer in Mumbai the Seven major Planets will attain debilitation on following seven zodiac signs. In these houses the planet power will be weak.

Sun will get debilitation in Tula Rashi which is Known as Libra in Western Astrology.

Moon Will get debilitation in Vrichiga Rashi which is known as Scorpio in western Astrology.

Mars will get debilitation in Karkataka Rashi which is known as Cancer in Western astrology.

Mercury will get debilitation in Meena Rashi which is known as Pisces in Western astrology.

Jupiter will get debilitation in Mahara Rashi Which is known as Capricorn in Western astrology.

Venus will get debilitation in Kanya Rashi which is known as Virgo in western Astrology.

Saturn will get debilitation in Mesha Rashi which is known as Aries in western Astrology.

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